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Welkom op de site van Kraamzorg Mama & Baby!


An extraordinary time has come. A period of all sort of things happening: your life and your body changes. In short, a period with a lot of questions , choices and insecurities emerges. Kraamzorg Mama and Baby would like to help you with that. By making sure it will be a pleasant pregnancy and maternity period  for the entire family.


All our maternity nurses are certified and follow courses regularly. They are also informed of all the latest developments in maternity care to be able to provide the best care possible.

Customized Maternity Care

Maternity care is the care provided for the mother and new born in the first eight till ten days after labour. This period is called the maternity period. The purpose of this maternity care is for the mother to be able to take care of her new born independently.

Parturition Assistance

The maternity nurse assists the midwife in a possible home-birth and supports you and your partner and will be callable 24/7.

Initial Interview

Between the 30th and 34th week of your pregnancy there is an initial interview by one of our employees held at your home. During the conversation, you as a client, can specify what you wish and you can discuss with the employee what the possibilities are.

Care Assurance

As a maternity care organization we guarenteed you maternitycare. This means you can always count on maternity care under all circumstances, even in a period of vacation or a sudden labour.


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