Home-birth/Parturition assistance

The maternity nurse assists the midwife in case of a home-birth (parturition assistance) and offers support to you and your partner.

The maternity nurse is recallable for a possible home-birth 24 hours a day. After labour she will stay with you at your home at least for two hours.  The maternity nurse will take care of the mother and new-born and will assist the mother by breastfeeding for the first time. Our nurses are trained as best as possible to  be able to add up to your situation and personal wishes. We would like to be on time to support our client. Therefore it’s convenient for the client to call us right after the start of the labour.

Call us:

-When your labour pains starts regularly and with short pauses.

-When your water breaks

-when your midwife indicates that the labour is starting and your disclosure is 4 cm.
Checklist home-birth (parturition assistance)

-mattress protector

-10 fibre mats or 1 maternity mattress + a minimum of 6 fibre matts*

-sterile gauze*

-one umbilical clamp

-trash bags

-one bedpan (You could borrow these for free from the homecare shop)

-two buckets

-bed elevators ( You could borrow these for free from the homecare shop)

*These articles are provided by most of the care providers in the maternity package. In case your care provider doesn’t provide these articles you could buy a maternity package at Kraamzorg Mama en Baby for 25 euros.

It’s important for the client to own this maternity package before the 37th week of the pregnancy, because from that moment on you could get into labour.  If you don’t have these items at home when the labour starts, do not panic! There will probably be enough time to send someone to the pharmacy between the moment of the first labour pain and the actual labour to get you the items you need.

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