Stakeout list

Stakeout for the baby

-6 rompers

-6 sweaters

-3 packages of trousers (with or without socks)

-2 pairs of socks

-2 caps

-1 package of  disposable diapers for the new born with a weight of  2 -5 kg ( preferably with an urine indicator) or 20-25 of cotton diapers +3 diaper covers (small)

-diaper inhibitor

-12 hydrophilic diapers (these are used also as a towel)

-6 hydrophilic wash cloths

-soap free wash gel

-6 spit wipes

-cradle of bedstead with a solid mattress of 6-10 cm

-1 large flannel cloth

-4 sheets and 2 wool or cotton blankets (no quilt or fleece blanket)

-2 metal seamless jug and pillow

-1 changing mat

-1 baby bath with standard bucket or tummy tub

-1 roll of tape or silk plaster*

-1 comb and/or brush

-1 tube of baby Ointment

-2 hooded towels

What you will be needing before a homebirth

-mattress protector*

-10 10 fibre mats or 1 maternity mattress + a minimum of 6 fibre matts*

-sterile gauze*

-1 umbilical clamp

-trash bags

-bedpan (You could borrow these for free from the homecare shop)

-2 buckets

– bed elevators (You could borrow these for free from the homecare shop)

What you will be needing during the maternity period

-6 fibre mats

-2-3 packages of maternity bandages or napkin liners for babies

-3 packages of sanitary napkin (kotex)

-2 thermometer: 1 for the new born, 1 for the mother


-cotton wool

-sterile gauze

-1 bottle of alcohol 70%

-rinse cleanser

-stool for under the shower

-a step for next the bed

*These articles are provided by most of the care providers in the maternity package. In case your care provider doesn’t provide these articles you could buy a maternity package at Kraamzorg Mama en Baby for 25 euros.

It’s important for the client to own this maternity package before the 37th week of the pregnancy, because from that moment on you could get into labour.  If you don’t have these items at home when the labour starts, do not panic! There will probably be enough time to send someone to the pharmacy between the moment of the first labour pain and the actual labour to get you the items you need.

‘Emergency case’

Are you planning on having your baby in a hospital? Get an emergency case with the things you will be needing in the hospital ready about three weeks before the birth. Do you prefer a home birth, it will also be handy to put together an “emergency case”. There is an unexpected possibility that the client needs to go to the hospital. Emergency case products:

-insurance papers/punch plate


-t-shirt and night-shirt

-carpet slipper/slipper

-warm socks

-extra underpants

-clothes for the baby: romper, baby package, jacket, cap and a baby blanket

-clean clothing for after labour

-photo camera

-suitable infant car seat for the baby

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