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Medela (electric) breast pump

Kraamzorg Mama en Baby rents breast pumps of the brand MEDELA. We also do sell a couple of other related items of this particular brand. When you would like to use this, we are able to make a reservation of your order for 24 hours.

Medela (electric) breast pumps

The Medela breast pumps are for sale both by hand and electronic. There is a possibility of buying and renting the Medela Breast pumps. In case you would like to buy one, we recommend to inform about the availability of the item.

The double electric breast pumps are rented for a short or longer period, when the breastfeeding doesn’t take place.

It’s possible to rent an electronic breast pump for € 2,50 a day. The attached breast pump set is only for sale because of the hygiene.

The costs of one breast pump set is € 24,00 euros and a double breast pump set is €33,00 euros.

You conclude an agreement with Kraamzorg Mama en Baby by having a valid ID card and a bail of € 100,00 euros.

TIP: The breast pump set could easily be transformed into a manual breast pump, inform about the conditions !

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