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Nipple protectors

The nipple protectors are being used when you have painful nipples or come across problems with breastfeeding. The breast tissue needs some time to recover. The soft and flexible membrane  of silicones will fit comfortably and adjusts itself to the breast.  The nipple protectors are for sale in three sizes. The costs for a nipple protector are € 11,50.

Nipple caps

Nipple caps can be used when you have flat and modest nipples, when you have painful nipples caused by breastfeeding or by chapped nipples. Nipple caps protects the nipples during feeding and helps the baby by applying the nipple. The special form ensures a maximum of skin contact. Nipple caps are for sale in three sizes and the costs are € 8,50.

Cup-and fingerfeeding

Cup- and finger feeding is mostly used when the baby isn’t able to get the milk out of the breast or when the baby needs extra feeding. You will prevent the baby from using a pacifier by using cup- and finger feeding.  The method that is used by finger feeding is mimicking breastfeeding, and this helps the baby to adopt the technique. Finger feeding consist of a injection with a silicone edge that doesn’t taint the palate of the baby. The costs for a cup is €5,00 –and for a finger feeding set (injection with a silicone extension) are € 6,00.

Sale maternity packages

If you haven’t an additional insurance, you don’t have the right to get a maternity package, legally.  We do sell a standard maternity package for € 25,00. You will be needing a maternity package during your maternity period.

The standard maternity package contains:

  • Matts
  • Mattress protector
  • Maternity bandage
  • Package of cotton-wool (100 grams)
  • Sterile gauze 8,5×5,5 cm 10×10
  • Bottle of hygienic soap
  • Stretch pants
  • Alcohol for disinfection
  • Umbilical clamp sterile
  • Diaper tape

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